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Preparing a Smoothie – Health Benefits Guidelines

Many people today are health conscious. If you’re one of them, you should consider including smoothies in your diet.

What are smoothies?

Perhaps you’ve already seen a lot of stalls that sell these healthy beverages. Smoothies are non-alcoholic beverages that are made from fruits and other natural ingredients. It is said that the smoothie was invented in the 1960s by Stephen Kuhnau but since the 1920s, a similar beverage was already being made by Orange Julius.

The natural ingredients are usually added with other flavors like chocolate and peanut butter for added texture. In some places, frozen fruits and ice are also used. Because of this, some people mistake a smoothie for a milkshake. The main difference is that smoothies contain nutritional supplements that are ideal for health-conscious individuals.

Making a smoothie is not that hard. It is possible to make your own healthy recipes but for starters, you can follow the less complicated recipes. You will need the following:

A fresh fruit smoothie• At least 1-2 cups of regular milk or you can also try soy milk as a healthier alternative
• The second ingredient is the protein powder mix; you can add ½ to a scoop of the powder, most of these powders come in different fruit flavors
• You can chose the fruits and vegetables you want to include in the smoothie; since you’re just starting out, you can begin with your favorites
• Add a couple of ice cubes to make the beverage refreshing and delicious
• Use a blender to thoroughly mix the ingredients for 5-10 seconds or until the ingredients are liquefied

So you see, it’s quite easy to prepare smoothies. You must be aware that the nutritional content of the smoothie will depend on the fruits or veggies you use. It is common to have loads of calories in a serving of smoothie especially if you use lots of coconut cream, honey, ice cream, and fruit nectar. If you prefer a more nutritious smoothie, you can use bananas, cantaloupe, kiwi, berries, honeydew lemon, orange, milk, or low-fat yogurt. Whole fruits can also be added to take advantage of the fiber content.

There are also boosters that you can add to the smoothie to make it healthier like Aloe Vera juice, chromium picolinate, acidophilus, turbinado, bee pollen, spirulina, ginkgo biloba, and ginseng. There are ads on additives like brewer’s yeast, Echinacea, wheat grass, and amino acids. You don’t have to put all these additives. Just pick the ones you need and you’ll be fine.

The perfect smoothies can save you time and money. Your body will be hydrated throughout the day and you’ll get the needed vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. Healthier beverages can fuel the brain for optimum functioning and you’ll also have a stronger immune system.

Did you know that smoothies can also aid in weight loss? Every day, you have to make a low-calorie smoothie with at least two cups of fresh fruits, skim milk, honey, and low-fat yogurt.

With so many health benefits of smoothies, you won’t have any second thoughts in preparing a healthy beverage.