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Mesotherapy vs Liposuction – Insights

What is mesotherapy?

Visit our treatment office during your lunch break, take a few injectable shots and melt that stubborn fat away“: this daring promise made that mesotherapy, the adipose tissue melting technique (also named liposys, a process that breaks down and destroys the fats), became one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment, used by many and many to sculpt the undesirable fat bulges, trim the inner thigh fat, lose those aweful love handles.

Mesotherapy origins

Mesotherapy TreatmentIn general terms, mesotherapy stands for “injecting substances under the skin”. This process started in France, in the late 50s.

The procedure wasn’t intended to melt the fat tissue, but to inject various vitamins and nutrients under the skin, in order to treat injuries, various affections of the body.

In 1960, some German doctors used a new solution, PCDC, to disolve the fat and blood lipids. The product was approved and comercially sold in Europe (the product was named Lipostabil), and later gained notoriety in the US and worldwide.

The Mesotherapy procedure

Most “patients” that signed for this procedure want to lose weight at any cost. I mean almost any cost, as the fear of getting a liposuction (or any other dangerous surgical procedure) remains an issue for most of them.

The standard injection contains a mix of PC (a chemical element found in soybeans, named phosphatidylcholine) and DA (deoxycholic acid, a bile acid used as stabilizer in the compound). This mix, called PCDC, is injected in the fat tissue, in order to break it down and decompose it.

The whole mesotherapy treatment involves a series of six to nine shots, targetting various areas (decided by the patient): abdomen, love handles, buttocks, the face region (especially the cheeks).

Mesotherapy – a safe and effective method

From 1990s, many plastic surgeons and medical experts changed their point of view and opinions regarding mesotherapy. Some scientists will argue that mesotherapy is not a medical technique for the obese people, but for those individuals that want to get of fat tissue in a timely manner.

The doctors recommend this procedure only if the injectable mix is within the parameters and it will in no way harm the patient. In all cases, patient safety should overpass the desire of getting a huge profit.

Liposuction or Mesotherapy?

As mentioned a few lines back, there still a great concern and scare concerning liposuction. It is an intrusive surgical procedure that is repulsive for most.

Liposuction boasts this deal: it will help you get rid of the extra fat and it has excellent results, visible right after the procedure. The only downside, some say, is the long recovery session, especially if the patient had a lot of fat removed. Not to mention the painkillers and other medication to alleviate pains and side effects…

With mesotherapy, you get an easier deal: you take a needle shot (or more, if decided upon), and then get back to work as if nothing happened.

Both procedures are somewhat expensive and present various health risks if performed by unspecialized or unauthorized personnel.

To finish off, the only and most important conclusion rests on your shoulders: how much fat do you want to lose and are you willing to pay the price?