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Types of sugar

Lactose – History and Health Benefits

Lactose was discovered way back in 1619 but it was only recognized as sugar by Carl Scheele in 1780. Fabriccio Bartoletti was the one who found lactose in milk. The disaccharide sugar called lactose is a combination of glucose and galactose. Around two to eight percent of milk’s weight is ...

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Sucrose, the common table sugar

Lumps of Sugar

Are you aware that the common table sugar is actually an organic compound called sucrose, also named saccharose? Before the 1800s, the consumption of refined sugar was treated as a luxury. However, by the 19th century, sucrose had become an essential ingredient in various foods and food recipes. At this ...

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The Glucose – History, benefits, moderation

Glucose Chemical Structure

People who love sweets are probably familiar with the different types of sugars these contain. Among them, there’s glucose, a simple sugar or monosaccharide which can be found in the human body, bacteria, plants, and fruits. Discovery of glucose Moorish writings (in the 1100s) revealed that glocuse or grape sugar has ...

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Maltose, the Malt Sugar

The Chemical formula of Maltose

Natural fermentation precedes the human history. Even since ancient times, humans tried to control and simplify the process of fermentation. There is strong evidence that Babylonians fermented beverages since 3000 A.D. In recent times, a French chemist named Louis Pasteur pinpointed yeast as an important factor in the fermentation process. ...

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Fructose, the Fruit Sugar

The Fructose Chemical Formula

Since the earliest times, man has relied greatly on carbohydrates for their energy needs. Fructose was accidentally discovered by Harden and Young in the early 20th century. They called the sugar diphosphate as Harden-Young Ester but later on, it was discovered that the compound was actually fructose. Carbohydrates have always ...

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