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Water, essential for health and healing

What do chewing and swallowing food, lubrication of dygestive tract and organs have in common? Water!

Water is a very important element because it regulates multiple functions, it helps to sustain life in the human body. It isn’t just a minor inert substance, but a life saver, an adjuvant in the process of staying healthy.

Some people think that any liquid can replace the water needs of the human body but they are actually wrong, because said beverages can’t function like natural water in the body. In consequence, a cup of coffee will never equal the power of a glass of water.

Water dependence: supply and demand

Water - The Secret Ingredient to healthThere are two important systems that work together to maintain the body in healthy conditions. These are “drought management” and “body water preservation” systems. These systems are complex and permanent processes that avoid dehydration, maintain and monitor the body functions, sharing and distributing water to all organs, prioritizing the brain.

This doesn’t mean that drinking beverages that contain water (alcohol, coffee, teas) will replenish the depleted water volume. Actually, these drinks “help” your body get rid of more water, and it is easily observed by measuring the volume of urine eliminated later.

Shortage of water in the body demands resupply, via a rationed and regulated process.

Identifying dehydration

Dehydration is basically a “water shortage” that affects and diminishes body functions, changing its chemical state, causing genetic damage, creating autoimmune diseases, possibly cancer.

Dehydration hides some disease signals, baffling and pushing doctors to label those illnesses as “of unknown cause”.

Having a dry mouth is a signal that your body needs water, but there are other signals to observe, signals that may be totally unrelated to dehydration.

There are several other signals that point out dehydration. Feeling iritable and short-tempered, anxious, having disturbed sleep sessions, lacking patience, beverage craving (of any sort), these are signs that your body suffers from dehydration, locally or generally.

A major sign of dehydration is hypertension, because a high blood pressure level is an indicator of a water shortage. Increasing the daily water intake and salts that contain minerals can correct the problem.

Another major dehydration symptom is constipation. The intestinal tract needs a high volume of water to break down solid foods. A low level of water in the body leads to a lower degree of reabsorbtion in the large intestin. Severe or cronic dehydration equals chronic constipation, a possible sign for intestinal cancer.

There are also signs that link dehydration with heartburn and eating disorders such as bulimia. The discomfort of heartburn is related to the stomach functions, and bulimia is an eating disorder that involves repeated or uncontrollable vomiting, because the body rejects the food, not having the necessary resources (low level of water) to digest or assimilate the ingested food.

Treating dehydration

This treatment costs nothing, it is available to anyone, free from doctor’s prescriptions, with no dangerous side effects whatsoever.

Drink water

Glass of waterIs it that simple? Well, let me point out some important steps:

a) Water before any meal
Drink some water at least 20-30 minutes before a meal. It helps with food digestion.

b) Water after a meal
For the same reasons, to complete the digestive process and replenish the body, drink some water after meals, after a couple of hours.

c) Water when thirsty
This might be a nobrainer, but… many people resort to drinking alcohol, sweet beverages, wine, beer, but not water.

d) Water before exercising
Drink some water before beginning your daily exercises, jogging, etc. You need to sweat and water will help your muscles function effectively.

e) Water as a laxative
Well, water is a good help against constipation. Drink 2-3 glasses of water in the morning.

Cherish your health

Avoid beverages that dehydrate your body, because they don’t provide real benefits, even if they boast water contents.

Improve your daily diet, including more vegetables, fruits and legumes rich on water. Avoid artificial sugars and starch based products.

Exercise when possible. Improving your body muscle functions has a ripple effect, improving bone and ligaments health, improving the fat burning process.

Stay hydrated, stay healthy.