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The Drunk Diet

“Getting wasted” or “getting drunk”, as many people name it, is the base of a new and unconventional type of diet. So, in order to lose weight and completely transform your body, you just need to include more alcohol beverages in your daily life?

That’s simple enough, no?

Lüc Carl, the initiator of the diet, wrote this title on his book cover: “How I lost 40 pounds… wasted”. From his title, one can speculate that the drunk diet applies to people who drink plenty of alcohol during their night party habits. The statement is: “don’t give up alcohol in order to lose weight”.

The drunk diet is a personal statement, not a general trend and most certainly not a real diet plan. Some people will argue that it can be efficient in the normal life, since most of them already drink some type of alcohol anyway.

The drunk diet – a practical diet?

Expert doctors state that alcohol doesn’t boast the energetic levels in people. Alcohol sugars are stored as fats in the human body, and these sugars are a good source of energy, but not really healthy.

Drunk Diet Book CoverLüc Carl’s drunk diet was based around moderation and working out. He mentioned that drinking beer instead of other alcohol products was calorie efficient.

And since drinking alcohol is a food craving enhancer, Lüc got the habit of drinking after a meal, not before it. He always mixed his beverages with ice and soda water. This was his means of moderation.

His daily nutrition habit was eating oatmeal with egg whites at breakfast, preparing an awesome salad for dinner, and drinking beer.

For Lüc, the following was the key part. He always stuck to working out afterwards. If he drank plenty of beer, he forced himself to burn off all the extra calories through exercising. This also benefited him greatly, since the hangover effects were surpassed via physical workout.

He even quit smoking and started jogging. Eventually, the results stated his willpower. He lost 40 pounds just by exercising, eating better, and drinking beer.

Planning a drunk diet

If you plan on starting a drunk diet, stick to these notions:
– moderate your alcohol intake: drink light beer, light beverages;
– never drink alcohol before a meal: it increases your appetite for foods and you will eat more, not feeling satisfied;
– exercise accordingly: burn those extra calories, don’t be lazy;

Nowadays, this “drunk diet” has been advertised and boasted by several celebrities, including Lady Gaga. Ironically, drinking alcohol all the time and expecting to lose weight while staying on the couch isn’t actually efficient and won’t help you lose weight, but gain even more.

(Image represents the cover of Carl’s book)