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Five Hands Diet

Most experts concur that insulin is an important hormone that helps your body regulate the ingested carbohydrates and maintains the fat metabolism. The fat tissues, the muscles, the liver process the glucose (found in blood) and store it as glycogen, with the help of the insulin.

Five Hands Diet

An abnormal volume of insulin ca lead to weight gain and serious diseases: heart disease, cancer, etc.

The Five Hands Diet follows the same goal: helping your system to control the production of insulin, thus increasing the metabolism, by burning fat rather than store it.

The Five Hands Diet promises the following benefits:
– Eating fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals;
– Lists the foods that control the insulin production levels;
– Ensures you eat enough good fats;
– A low calory diet, with a moderate intake of fat, carbohydrates and proteins, rich in antioxidants;

Here are some facts and features of the Five Hands Diet:

a) Precise Nutrition plan
The Five Hands Diet contains of 5 daily meals, as in five hands of food per day. It is best to maintain a schedule and eat at fixed hours during the day.

b) Low-fat Protein Diet
Based on the volume (thickness) of your hand, choose the right low fat protein meals you will consume. Controlling the exact ratio of proteins to carbohydrates is really important here.

c) Carbohydrates times two
If you decided the right quantity of low fat protein, you will have to consume twice the amount of carbohydrates (about the volume of a clenched fist). Overall, veggies and fruits stay at your disposal for this.

d) Monitor, balance, monitor again
If you still feel hungry after a meal, you should consider balancing the ratio between low fat proteins and doubled carbohydrated intake. Always track with a daily schedule, improving your meals until perfect.

The Five Hands Diet Foods

There are plenty of foods and greens to choose from. You should always calculate the total of proteins and carbs eaten at a single meal, not for the whole day.

The low-fat protein meals will consist mostly of turkey breast and fish, an amount equal to the thickness and size of your palm.

The carbohydrates are separated in a degree, depending on the volume you should consume in a single meal)

You have carbohydrates that can be consumed in unlimited quantity. You might not enjoy some of these but there’s plenty to choose from: mushrooms, radishes, shallots, raw broccoli, cabbage, raw celery, cauliflower, endives, parsley, etc

In a volume of 2 clenched fists, you can consume: cucumbers, green beans, cooked broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, strawberries, brussel sprouts, etc.

In a volume of a single clenched fist, you can eat: peas, garlic, carrots, coleslaw, ginger, onions, etc. Plus, you can include the following fruits: raw pineapple, watermelon, blueberries, apples, grapes, limes, peaches, grapefruits, etc.

For the following carbohydrates, it is best to consume a maximum of 2/3 of your clenched fist: greens like chickpeas, kidney beans, parsnip, yams, cooked carrots, beans, beetroot; fruits like plums, papaya, mandarins, kiwi, unsweetened applesauce.

In the Five Hands Diet, it is best to limit or avoid the following carbohydrate foods: dried prunes, bananas, raw figs, all sorts of wheat products (spaghetti, tortillas, waffles, pasta, pizza crust, bread, bagels, etc).

The Five Hands Diet has no contraindications for sick people. All these proteins and carbohydrates are recommended and healthy for your body.