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Gymnema sylvestre, the “Sugar Destroyer”

What is Gymnema Sylvestre? Gymnema sylvestre, also commonly named gurmar, is a tropical forest herb, deemed by many as a “sugar destroyer”, a “miracle fruit” with strong medicinal proprieties. Gymnema sylvestre is one of 40 species of the genus “Gymnema” herbs. This miracle plant grows in several regions of tropical ...

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Camomile, the sacred herb

Chamomile Flower Bunch

Chamomile, the sacred herb Chamomile is the common name for various Asteraceae plants (daisy like). The camomile was cultivated by ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks named these plants chamaimelon, “ground apples” and used to flavour beverages and wines with their aromas, or as air freshners for living habitats and community ...

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The Rooibos Tea

Pouring Rooibos tea in a cup

History of Rooibos plant The Rooibos (Afrikaans for “red bush”) is a broom-shaped plant that grows in South Africa’s Cedarburg area, enjoying the Mediterranean climate and biodiversified vegetation. Rooibos is also an appellative for the herbal tea (tisane) made from rooibos leaves. This tisane was discovered by Carl Thunberg (a ...

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Water, essential for health and healing

Water - The Secret Ingredient to health

What do chewing and swallowing food, lubrication of dygestive tract and organs have in common? Water! Water is a very important element because it regulates multiple functions, it helps to sustain life in the human body. It isn’t just a minor inert substance, but a life saver, an adjuvant in ...

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Benefits

Fish - an Omega 3 source

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that, unlike many other essential fatty acids (which doctors advise to avoid consuming) has many benefits for our health. Omega 3 is, therefore, a “good fat”. Because it cannot be produced by the human body, this type of acid is synthesized from the foods ...

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Stay healthy when fasting

Stay healthy while fasting

Fasting? What is it? Fasting isn’t another word for a special kind of diet, it’s just a simple act of will, reducing the consumption of food and drinks (in general, or in specific). Fasting is a restrictive process, but it can also be recommended as a therapy for various health ...

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6 Herbal Teas that relieve Indigestion and Heartburn

Herbal Tea for Indigestion

Every special occasion (whether it’s your or someone’s birthday, or a special event, or winter holidays, etc) brings a certain degree of joy in our lives and can become an unfavorable time, to eat and drink uncontrollably and excessively. Indigestion (dyspepsia) is a side effect of fast eating (or eating ...

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Jasmine – Health Benefits

Jasmine Flowers

Jasmines are widely cultivated flowers, especially for their flower fragrances. There are over 200 species of jasmines, growing in Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe. Beside fragrances, jasmine flowers are used to prepare delicious tea. If green tea is recommended in spring and summer, jasmine tea is recommended during the cold ...

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The Garcinia Cambogia fruit

Details about the garcinia fruit Garcinia gummi-gutta is a yellowish fruit, pumpkin-shaped fruit, also named gambooge, or souring fruit. This fruit is grown in Asia and Africa, necessiting a moist environment. There are also different variations of this fruit, with colors ranging from green, to red, to yellow. People use ...

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Mesotherapy vs Liposuction – Insights

Mesotherapy Treatment

What is mesotherapy? “Visit our treatment office during your lunch break, take a few injectable shots and melt that stubborn fat away“: this daring promise made that mesotherapy, the adipose tissue melting technique (also named liposys, a process that breaks down and destroys the fats), became one of the most ...

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